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Mastering Process Engineering
Software and Standards

Welcome to EIEPD where we empower you with expertise in the full spectrum of process engineering software and industry standards. From HYSYS to P&IDs and beyond, we ensure you’re well-versed in the tools that drive success in process engineering.

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Our Process Engineering Services

At EIEPD we offer a wide array of services in process engineering. From specialized training programs and workshops to expert consultations and we are your partner in achieving excellence in process engineering.

Empowering Operation Engineers in Process Design

At EIEPD, we specialize in empowering operation engineers to expand their expertise into the realm of design. Our programs bridge the gap between operation and design aspects, equipping engineers with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in both areas. Join us to elevate your career and become a well-rounded professional in process engineering.

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Empowering Chemical Engineering Graduates in Process Design

For chemical engineering graduates, EIEPD is your gateway to mastering process design. Our tailored programs empower graduates with the expertise required to excel in process design, enabling them to contribute effectively to various stages of the engineering process. Join us to bridge the gap and become a well-rounded process engineering professional.

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Based on our experience in design and operation, industry demands graduates to be competnet in sizing, design and start-ups.

Our Graduation Program nurture their knowledge beyound industy  emands.

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Our broad category

Process Simulation

Process Simulation



Distillation Column Design

Distillation Column Design

Process Sizing Criteria

Process Sizing Criteria

Flare Package Design

Flare Package Design

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

separators Design

Separators Design

Safety Integrity Level

Safety Integrity Level

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I appreciated the inclusion of real-world examples and case studies. It’s always helpful to see how These principles are applied in practical situations. The video provided in-depth explanations about How to use the software and how to make decision To choose the parameters. This level of detail is valuable for anyone wanting to understand the topic thoroughly.

Yngrid Yvette Machado Aguilar

Yngrid Yvette Machado Aguilar

Senior process engineer



“As a junior process engineer working in an EPCM, I run into process issues quiet often. EIEPD is the first platform I found and helped me understand the way oil and gas processes function. During my training I learnt how not only to read, but design PFDs/P&IDs, how to design a separator, a heat exchanger, a PSV and the list can go on! It’s impressive how an online training can provide someone with so much practical knowledge and make real life examples seem so simple. Thank you EIEPD!”

despoina-jessica skempi

Despoina-Jessica Skempi

Junior process engineer


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