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Our Story

Educational Institute for Equipment and Process Design in 2023 was founded by Mohammadreza Behrouzi, who felt a major absence of global and comprehensive platform for process, chemical and mechanical engineers involved in oil and gas industry.

Our Target groups

Process graduates

6 years ago when Mr. Behrouzi graduated from sharif university of technology and started his career as process engineer in one of the petrochemicals, he feltĀ  xtremely sorry for himself since he had no clue about process engineering tasks duringĀ  ifferent phases of the projects he was involved in. The problem was that he was dealing with actual and real projects and any wrongdoing could have caused a great deal of damage. So that was the time the idea of such platform sparked in his mind.

process graduates

Operation Engineers

He worked approximately 1 year in control room and was responsible for start-up of many operation units from fired heaters to distillation columns. After being in contact with many operation engineers he undrstood their eagernees and enthusiasm to expand their knwledge about design aspects of equipment they were working with. To make wishes come true, we have created a number of comprehensive videos which guides you ghrough advanement.

operation engineers

Experienced process designers

Yes, you saw it correctly. Sometimes during project phases due to disparate tasks and problems experienced process designers who has prvect experience in control valve design have to deal with material selection and you got the story. No worries We at EIEPD have got you covered and make you professional overnight. No trick, just watch one of our videos to see how comprehensive they are.

experienced process designers

process designers

Yes, you saw it

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